And Adaptation

The colors in the classroom,
my mother was starving at the snow,
emotional at the film

the way the woman walked
through the diner, gliding
like a vacuum along the carpet

and adaptation: the comfort of noise,
sound, feeling loss.

Rolling hills of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Keeping Watch

Where does
one fit that neither
wants to be
already saddled
with spouse +

But also,
who does not
thrive on the
‘out at night’
life of drinks
and food and

Sometimes, I
peer down from
these third-floor
windows like
I’m hole up
in some lighthouse,

keeping watch
for the two
prevailing groups
that are


tall man
La Conner, Washington

You still can do anything

He said: when
I was a child I
thought I could
do anything

Now, though,
I’m an adult
and I feel as
though I am
walled in by
heavy doubts

He paused.
But no one
can keep me

from eating
ice cream for

or flying on
planes if I
want to

or staying
up all night

So what is it
that I think 
I can’t do now?

Photo 4
Philadelphia International Airport, Philadelphia


An actual definite someone

An accidental poem taken from the prose of Jonathan Franzen.

This wasn’t the person
he’d thought he was,
or would have chosen

to be if he’d been free
to choose, but there
was something

comforting + liberating

about being an actual
definite someone,

rather than a collection
of contradictory
potential someones.

Tiny Moon | Center city, Philadelphia
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