Finally, peppermint crisp, the sky is cotton-white with a speck of platinum light nested above the Walgreens. I must know every detail of this intersection. Wind plays with the ends of my hair in teasing waves. People mill about. Cafe workers have confusing relationships at the table next to me. Two cyclists with touring bikesContinue reading “DAILY OBSERVATIONS ON 18TH”


I want to be the woman who somehow deflected all the ‘you should be this ways’ so that what I want to suck from life is just only mine. Tonight, I stood in the grocery store line and beamed at the carrots, lemon cookies, honey yogurt on the rubber belt. I had this thought: IContinue reading “MISGUIDED GOALS”


What it takes is not thought but action, rejecting the snooze button, flowing in a a soft pocket of warmth into the early morning chill. The silver diamond-patterned food cart on the sidewalk puffing its essential oniony fumes and kaleidoscope reflecting a new sun. Gone is the summer air, which incubates into stew of nothingness. AutumnContinue reading “AUTUMN MORNINGS IN PHILADELPHIA”