When Angie comes around, I know it’s almost time to leave. She crinkles her nose at me when I’ve got fifty tabs open in a browser, while she shimmies behind my chair to collect my plastic bag of paper & lemon peels. Go home, she insists playfully with a gesture at an invisible watch onContinue reading “IT’S ALMOST TIME TO LEAVE”


Finally, peppermint crisp, the sky is cotton-white with a speck of platinum light nested above the Walgreens. I must know every detail of this intersection. Wind plays with the ends of my hair in teasing waves. People mill about. Cafe workers have confusing relationships at the table next to me. Two cyclists with touring bikesContinue reading “DAILY OBSERVATIONS ON 18TH”


There was a time in school when we made little bridges entirely of toothpicks and glue Some kind of rite of passage, the rudimentary sketching out of engineering, new senses of space and time With a week’s worth of shifted focus, here comes my new contribution to the soundness of my own structured life HowContinue reading “POEM ON FATIGUE”


Once Thought is a poem I wrote during my first year in the corporate world. I would hide out in the coffee shop across the street from work during my lunch break to write poems — coming back to life for those precious 30 minutes. I always imagined myself doing something magnificent for work, butContinue reading “ONCE THOUGHT”


I am humbled by my path to nowhere It’s not a hero’s journey afterall, as was once thought In fact it’s rather un- spectacular milling through the myriad daily concerns I didn’t choose it It took mounds of hush/hush/hush in my mind so that I could at least pretend to care If I had oneContinue reading “ONCE THOUGHT”