With freckled arms I search the floor for affirmation, posing this way and that. In the quiet stillness of Sunday morning yoga, feelings pour from my unquiet mind. Your biggest fear is you, it says. A madness I’ve understood for un-still-able moments, there and gone. That you won’t be who you want you to be,Continue reading “AN AFTERTHOUGHT”


We watched the needle fall, miles correlating with the liquid in our tank. We moved ourselves through so many state lines, we forgot time. Highways laced through impeccable fields, indigo ponds nested within tall grass. We counted license plates, saying “You’re far from home!” Our bodies didn’t ask for much, we ate Airheads and Starbursts,Continue reading “BEING ALIVE IS THE MEANING”


(I wrote this poem about two years ago, when I was unemployed after college. Now I’m about to be voluntarily unemployed. How much life can change in so little time. I am learning now what is essential to my happiness, my wholeness. And it absolutely means simplicity.) Our fruit baskets are not empty. My shelfContinue reading “AN EDUCATION”


When Angie comes around, I know it’s almost time to leave. She crinkles her nose at me when I’ve got fifty tabs open in a browser, while she shimmies behind my chair to collect my plastic bag of paper & lemon peels. Go home, she insists playfully with a gesture at an invisible watch onContinue reading “IT’S ALMOST TIME TO LEAVE”