Accidental Poetry

What is Accidental Poetry?
An Accidental Poem is created by fitting someone’s words into a poetic form – but maintaining their language verbatim.

How did Accidental Poetry come about?
One day, during one of our typical g-chat (Google Chat) conversations, I found a particular phrase said by a friend to be quite profound. After fussing with the line breaks (for effect), I emailed it back to him. And, so was born the first Accidental Poem.

Is Accidental Poetry really poetry?
Poetry is my favorite writing form for its very lack of strong definition. I love the idea that someone’s words, someone’s raw thoughts or feelings are just as poetic and profound as the poems I specifically compose. What’s more, I love using poetry as a way to convey everyday musings. These tiny snapshots of the human experience seem to really move us.

Would you like to submit your own Accidental Poem? I would love to read it & share it on my blog (with credit to you, of course)!


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