I find myself at my best self when I’m writing poems. A good poem is like a secret note that sprouts into sudden understanding when you open it.

I hope some of these poems can be like little secret notes for you.

Sometimes also, I steal the words of others and format them into poems. Don’t worry, I give ’em credit.

My name is Jaclyn. Hi. Thanks for stopping by  🙂

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Very cool self portrait. The lighting in the background and from above cast an interesting glow.

    1. Hi Jessica! Thank you for the nomination. I’m rather new at this blogging community thing + really enjoying it! The Fresh-Pressing of my blog has spiked my follows to over 200. But thanks, thanks so much! : )

  2. hmm i liked for accepting that u steal. i guess people do that when they get a good thought to write on. so in other words i dont consider it stealing cuz even i do the same. . . sometimes. . .

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