4 thoughts on “Whoosh, it’s gone

  1. Life measured on a tape measure
    Each inch represents one year
    Find your place on the tape
    And reality of fleeting becomes real
    Make the most of each inch

    1. I always wished that my parents measured our height inside some closet or in the basement on a cement wall. That way, I’d have a visual map of my growth and since they still live in the same house, I could go back to that place and peek at my physical presence nudging up another inch through the years. Perhaps I’ll do this if I have children. But at what age increments does one measure? And at what age does one stop measuring? Can 17 year olds be coerced into having their height measured on the wall?

      1. Actually you use the tape measure like a time line. Let’s say you live to 99 and you are 33. One third of you life has been lived. When you are 66 that distance to 99 does not look very long.

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