There was a time
in school when
we made little
bridges entirely
of toothpicks
and glue

Some kind of rite
of passage, the
rudimentary sketching
out of engineering,
new senses of space
and time

With a week’s worth
of shifted focus,
here comes my
new contribution
to the soundness
of my own structured

How the entire tapestry
of the day is
rendered differently
when there is
fatigue settling
on the corners
of the cheeks
and eyes

2 thoughts on “POEM ON FATIGUE

  1. your poem gives form to the overlapping relationship between cognition/thought/emotions, which can’t be observed (only felt), and the observable structure of a toothpick bridge, easily perceived and understandable. Look at the toothpick bridge long enough and you begin to see that we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us … the ultimate realization. you made that difficult concept clear and understandable. Like the toothpick bridge … your words, give form to the world around us. by looking at and perceiving the truth of your words, like the toothpick bridge, the structure and connectedness of the world around us, will emerge.

    I like your poem. it makes sense of the world in the simplest way: through the eyes of a child, who perceives life in it’s entirety (as all children do) yet interpreted and expressed through the overlapping eyes of an adult ….. does this make sense? i’ll read you more. i like your thoughts. ks

    1. Thanks for your analysis, ks! Truth be told, this poem really was written in five minutes when I was feeling like a poorly constructed bridge of toothpicks. I find that writing through the eyes of a child brings out some of our best observations. 🙂

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