In All This Rain

This is a beloved poem from physician-poet John Stone. A few months ago, I lost a dog that was my pet since age 12 and lived with me during part of my adult life. John Stone really captures just how painful losing an animal is with this piece. Especially the last line: “Next dog, I want one that lasts.” As I sit here hugging my new pooch, I implore him to please, never ever ever ever die.

Listen to me recite the poem with music provided by the talented Joe Brooker.

roaree wit andy
Roaree dances with Andy, Philadelphia

4 thoughts on “In All This Rain

  1. When I lost my dog, I didn’t expect to cry, yet I couldn’t stop. The tears kept falling, I stayed in, and cried some more. I called my friend, cried to her, then I called my boyfriend and cried to him.

    This is simply beautiful.

    1. I know the feeling. I was also especially surprised with how, at random moments days and weeks later, I would burst into tears. The love of a dog is just… it’s just something else.

  2. I have had three come into my life. The last two died in my arms as I said goodbye. Two more have come along to fill the void left behind. They never really leave, but live on in our memories.

    1. I think your last point is what keeps us getting new pets. The loss, however harrowing, doesn’t negate the joy an animal brings into our lives. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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