6 thoughts on “Or was it me who slipped away?

  1. To have a real friend requires one to be a real friend. It takes equal parts of effort. If you happen by my Garage, look up True Friend. (BTW – I won’t be offend if you delete this comment since it points to a post on my blog. I just thought my post fit with your poem.)

    1. I agree with the sentiment that we must be good friends to have good friends. However, (although the poem is not my own words), I do think that incredible growth is possible through experiencing another person that shows us what it is to be a real friend.

      1. Jaclyn, I agree. A person who is able to reach out and be a friend can definetly pick us up. Your reply brought to mind someone whom I have made friends with recently. She was halping to facilitate a class I was attending and noticed I was coming to class with a lot of weight on my shoulders. She reached out and helped lift me up by becoming a friend who was willing to just listen. Through that experience I now have not only one new friend, but two. Thanks for helping me to draw a connection to the poem you shared. Patrick

      2. Patrick, what a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing! I know at my core that we are so much better for helping others. And sometimes, that just means listening, really listening to another person. Cheers! Jaclyn

  2. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ever really had a true friend. Perhaps I haven’t, [friends] are only there for the good times, where’d they’d disappear to for the bad?

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